Servo Valve Repair

Servo Valve Repair

Servo and Proportional Valve OEM


Factory Level Refurbishment



Evaluation Process

Servo Kinetics servo valve repair and proportional valve repair evaluation process starts out with every unit being disassembled and then ultra-sonically cleaned. All seals and internal filters are discarded and replaced with new. In the next step, all internal parts are dimensioned for fit and finish. The job cost is then determined, and the customer is quoted the repair costs.



Customer Approval and Recalibration


The valve is reassembled with new Viton Seals. A new internal filter is installed, and the unit is then prepared for dynamic testing. First stage coils are tested for drive current and resistance. Every valve is then tested for output flow and pressure drop.

Every valve must pass an internal leakage test. X – Y flow plots are generated showing drive current versus output flow. The valve is then prepared for shipment back to the customer.




Bosch ~ Rex Roth ~ Parker ~ Pegusus ~ Moog ~ TSS ~ Dyval ~ Oil Gear ~ Dowty
~ Hunker ~ RVA ~ Bullard ~ Textron ~ Towler ~ Cincinnati ~ Honeywell ~ Atchley ~
Kawasaki ~ Denison/Abex ~ Parker/Abex

Application Types

Power Plants ~ Flight Simulators ~ Simulators Loaders ~ Entertainment Simulators ~
Blow Molding ~ Test Lab ~ General Industrial Control ~ Mobile Control ~ Lumber Mills ~
Oil Exploration ~ Paper Mills ~ Injection Molding ~ Steel Mills ~ Amusement Rides


Servo and Proportional Valve OEM & Factory Level Refurbishment

Wind Turbines

From Wind Energy Generators to Flight Simulators, to Nuclear Energy Generators and Plastic Injection and Blow Molding, the type of customers we serve, clearly sets us apart from the competition. Our strong reputation for delivering excellent, high-quality servo and proportional valve refurbishments has many of the most technically sophisticated firms in the world doing business with Servo Kinetics. Some of them include:

Lockheed Martin
NASA Houston
Delta Airlines
Israeli Aerospace
Exelon Nuclear Energy

USCG refurbishment project

Canada Atomic Energy
Three Mile Island
Palo Verde Nuclear
Binghamton Simulation
Cubic Corporation


In the area of closed-loop servo and proportional valve automation you simply cannot find a more qualified firm than Servo Kinetics to send your servo and proportional valves to for balancing and recalibration. Our reputation is second to none — so you can know, without question, that they will return to you and perform no less than equal to a new valve.


Nuclear Cooling Towers

With a machine or device in a down status, we understand that it isn’t just the cost of the down time, turn-around time and the refurbishment that is most important, but the question of “is it going to work when you get it back?” is. This is where the importance of just “who is doing your valve refurbishment” comes into play.  True, there are certain areas of maintenance where it may be safe to swap out vendors on a regular basis to get better pricing on the components you send out for repair, but the area of servo and proportional valve refurbishment is not one of them. The recalibration and balancing of your servo and proportional are far too critical of an area for you to skimp on.

In virtually every application where servo and proportional valves are used, the machine is critical to the firm’s capacity to generate revenue.


Your Investment Begins with Ours

If you want the comfort of knowing that your valves are being done on the very best test equipment available, by the top servo technicians in the industry, then look no further than Servo Kinetics.

Test Stand


Our test stands (we begin with the ISO-9001: 2000 & Mill Spec-45208A) are all state-of-the-art and provide full application simulation to the valve under test. There is never a doubt that your valve will leave our servo lab ready to be put right back into service. All of the OEM specifications and areas of performance have been verified during testing.

Many valves require custom-built drive electronics to test all of their functions (which we have built into our equipment), allowing our technicians to fully interrogate these valves’ special functions. This separates us from our competitors, who often consider the installation of the valve on their customer’s machines as their final test. By choosing Servo Kinetics to evaluate your next servo or proportional valve repair, you can be sure you are getting better value for your money and higher quality.

Tools of our Trade for Refurbishment Projects


Look Into The Future — We’re Already There

With no crystal ball to assist us in determining what form of energy will become our future’s standard, we’re covering all of the possibilities.


Wind Turbine

Currently, our Dallas/Fort Worth location is providing our servo and proportional valve remanufacturing support services to a few wind generator OEM’s — Vestas, Mitsubishi and Siemens, who are using electro-hydraulic servo or proportional valves as the means to control the pitch of turbine blades. For Vestas, we provide servo/proportional support services indirectly through a utility firm which uses their turbines, while we deal with Mitsubishi on a direct basis.