Servo Valve Repair

Servo and Proportional Valve OEM & Factory Level Refurbishment

Evaluation Process

Servo Kinetics servo valve repair and proportional valve repair evaluation process starts out with every unit being disassembled and then ultra-sonically cleaned. All seals and internal filters are discarded and replaced with new. In the next step, all internal parts are dimensioned for fit and finish. The job cost is then determined, and the customer is quoted the repair costs.

Customer Approval and Recalibration

The valve is reassembled with new Viton Seals. A new internal filter is installed, and the unit is then prepared for dynamic testing. First stage coils are tested for drive current and resistance. Every valve is then tested for output flow and pressure drop.

Every valve must pass an internal leakage test. X – Y flow plots are generated showing drive current versus output flow. The valve is then prepared for shipment back to the customer.


Bosch ~ Rex Roth ~ Parker ~ Pegasus ~ Moog ~ TSS ~ Dyval ~ Oil Gear ~ Dowty ~ Hunker ~ RVA ~ Bullard ~ Textron ~ Towler ~ Cincinnati ~ Honeywell ~ Atchley ~ Kawasaki ~ Denison/Abex ~ Parker/Abex

Application Types

Power Plants ~ Flight Simulators ~ Simulators Loaders ~ Entertainment Simulators ~ Blow Molding ~ Test Lab ~ General Industrial Control ~ Mobile Control ~ Lumber Mills ~ Oil Exploration ~ Paper Mills ~ Injection Molding ~ Steel Mills ~ Amusement Rides


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